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About Space 220
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Your Centauri Space Station Boarding Pass is your ticket to a captivating culinary adventure like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. An interactive dining destination that is light-years ahead of your wildest dreams, Space 220 offers travelers the chance to soar into the stars to savor celestial flavors in the company of the cosmos. Panoramic views of Earth paired with the supersonic sights and sounds of the great beyond provide a captivating setting to take your taste buds to new heights.

The cosmos comes to life

celestial panorama photo

The otherworldly view from your table at Space 220 is unmatched. As you enjoy your meal, spacecraft, space stations and astronauts walking their dogs will float by as a reminder that you’re perched a staggering 200 miles above Earth’s surface.

Space 220 Design

Step into the future

Once the doors of the Stellarvator open into the Centauri Space Station, guests disembark to meet a member of the flight crew. Exchanging their ticket for a menu, their host then guides them through the experimental gardens of the rotating Grow Zone, where the fruits and vegetables that will power future exploration take root. They then pass through the wine rotunda, where endless bottles of red, white and sparkling grape varietals are housed in creative circular storage cubbies before entering the main dining room. Once guests have arrived at their table, they can see the bustling world of space tourism through the expansive wall of windows.

The Lounge Experience

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The unparalleled views of space, unmatched service and bold flavors of our intergalactic menu offerings can also be enjoyed from our Lounge. This area provides guests with the opportunity to visit the restaurant without reservations for an equally unforgettable dining experience. Walk-up inquiries are welcome at the front desk.