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Space 220 trading cards laying on a table with a deck laying across.

New Uranus & Neptune series available now

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Since opening, Space 220 has distributed unique collectible trading cards to further enhance the guest experience. Designed exclusively for and only available at Space 220, our limited-edition, custom trading card packs feature vivid illustrations and mind-blowing trivia facts that tell the extraordinary stories of our galaxy, from space exploration and planetary phenomena to the sky-high food and beverage innovations served aboard the Centauri Space Station. The highly sought-after cards are personally delivered on occasion to guests at random by Executive Chef Marc Kusche during his daily table visits. The only other way to acquire these rare souvenirs is by ordering a kids’ meal.

Complete the Collection

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Each of the eight planets in our solar system now has its own dedicated set of cards. Space enthusiasts, this is your chance to collect the entire series. Learn about everything from lunar bacon cubes and space milk to why astronauts’ spacesuits are white. Add to your growing collection by visiting Space 220 soon to pick up the latest cards from our new Uranus and Neptune lines, which cover fascinating discoveries and the breakthroughs still to come. Your mission is to complete the series.

Additionally, there are two limited-release sets for guests to try and get their hands on. The Culinary Series is exclusively issued by Executive Chef Marc Kusche and the Crew Series is only distributed by Space 220 crew members. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for four new cards coming soon in the Crew Series.

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